Bridging Science and Business

Vivo Group

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Listed below are some of the most popular session topics that companies have requested from Vivo Group. All workshops are available in a format customized for the learning styles of scientists, engineers, and others working in R&D intensive companies, including the life science and technology industries. Contact us for more information about any of these topics. 

1.     Leadership/Management Topics 
     a.     Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader/Manager
     b.     Leadership Skills for Science & Technology Managers
     c.     Management Basics for Scientists & Engineers  
     d.     Leading and Managing Effective Technical Teams in R&D
     e.     “Herding Cats”: Successfully Managing Scientists and Engineers 

2.     Influence Topics  
     a.     Influence Without Authority
     b.     Successfully 'Managing Up' With Influence
     c.     Influence Techniques for Project Managers
     d.     Team Building Through Influence
     e.     Conflict Management Using Influence
     f.      Running Meetings that are Effective & Influential
     g.     Influencing Scientists & Engineers  

3.     Communication Topics 
     a.     Influential Presentations Skills (Internal and External)
     b.     Influential Communication Skills for Leaders & Managers
     c.     Conveying Technical Information to Non-Technical Audiences

4.     Alliance Building Topics 
     a.      Strengthening Collaborations & Alliances Through Influence
     b.      Using Influence to Manage Client & Vendor Relationships
     c.      Improving CRO/CMO Relationships Through Influence
     d.      Successfully managing Academic/Industry Alliances 

5.     Professional Career Effectiveness Topics
     a.     Strategic Thinking & Planning 101
     b.     Negotiation Skills  
     c.     Improving Effectiveness Through Time Management Strategies 
     d.     Successful Transition from Academia to Business

6.     Insights Discovery® Communication Styles Topics
     a.     Delivering Difficult Information
     b.     Insights into Personal Effectiveness
     c.     Improving Interactions Through Insights Discovery®
     d.     Understanding and Transforming Team Culture

7.     Women in Science/Technology Topics 
     a.     Successful Transition to Management for Women
     b.     'Organizational Savvy' in Science & Technology
     c.     Strategic Thinking & Planning for Career and Life Success 
     e.     Communicating Expertise and Influence for Women in Science & Technology

Tailored Learning Solutions

Vivo Group provides tailored leadership, management, and ‘soft skills’ learning solutions for the specific needs of an organization. Clients have a variety of choices with Vivo Group offerings including: 

  • Half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions
  • One group or multiple groups
  • On-site or off-site programs
  • Flexibility in choice and sequence of topics offered
  • Programs provided all at once, or spread out over weeks or months
  • Further customization to organization-specific situations and examples