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Workshop Descriptions:

  • Leadership in Life Sciences: This two-day intensive program is designed for new and experienced leaders and managers in the life sciences industry. MORE INFO

  • Delivering Difficult Information: Perfect the skills needed to communicate more effectively when the news is uncomfortable to share, such as: unpleasant behavior, disappointing results, or poor performance. MORE INFO

  • Influence Without Authority: Get things done even when you aren’t in charge. Learn how to "manage up", get buy-in from peers, and motivate reports to be more influential and effective in organizations, cross-functional teams, collaborations and alliances. 


  • Effective Meetings: Whether You’re In Charge or Not: Improve the meetings you attend, whether you are running the meeting or are a participant. Acquire strategies and tools for what to do before, during and after a meeting to ensure productivity for all involved. 



Vivo Group workshops are highly interactive, and involve small-group discussions of case studies using examples that are specific and relevant to the life science and technology industries. In addition, there are facilitated group discussions, writing assignments, practical exercises, short role-playing exercises, and opportunities to gain perspective from and share best practices with course instructors and other participants. Attendees are given theoretical background and overview of topics, as well as practical tools that can be implemented in the work place. Participants gain experience by practicing using new skills where appropriate.