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Workshop Participant Testimonials:

"I've seen Gwen help a new working group clarify mission, build trust, and stay on task over the course of multiple meetings. As a facilitator Gwen can be task focused, while still making space for participants to express themselves. This group has been lucky to have her." 

Jay Vogt, Founder of Peoplesworth

“Vivo Group did a terrific job helping us to better understand ‘soft’ issues at our company.  We gained some valuable insights on our culture and how it impacts our productivity, as well as some useful tools that we can apply to improve our ROI now.” 

Executive Director, Pfizer

"The morning event you facilitated was much more than I had expected – a broad range of really very interesting people with valuable specialties and an almost instantly created sense of group with the ability to speak comfortably and openly." 

Gerry Sherman, Principal at NorthStar Management Partners, LLC

"This morning's coaching session was extremely valuable to me and my career. I will definitely take the suggestions you made and put them to use." 

Leadership Coaching Client

“I would recommend this workshop to colleagues over any other I’ve taken here, due to its inherent value relative to content and time investment.”

“Gwen Acton is a great speaker. Provided a lot of useful insights. The topics were very interesting and well selected. I really liked the fact that the workshop often highlighted the differences between “traditional” management/leadership and management/leadership in the laboratory.”

“Gwen is a very dynamic teacher. Very engaging and a really good balance of lecture and exercises. Was able to relate to technical staff at our level where I’ve felt other instructors have been a little more talking down.”

“I have previously attended many workshops in Pharma, so much of the material was known to me. This workshop has a much better practical and applicable tone to it.” 

“Added context around many issues I have run into as well as some of the reasons I have had successes. Gave actionable suggestions and tools.”

“Overall, I thought the class was excellent, rate it highly, and would recommend it to anybody interested or currently in leadership roles that have not had formal exposure to leadership training. The workshop provided for me the framework of leadership, strategies for managing an array of situations, and the means to better understand the personality and behavioral styles of myself and co-workers. I think the two most important takeaways was the need to flex and the need to continue to educate, train, and grow throughout your career to be effective leading over a broad spectrum of management situations. Also what worked was the direct and immediate relevance of the topics to my day-to-day work. Finally, you were very prepared, organized, and have the experience and technical background that speak well to the specific audience.

“I really think this class has opened my eyes. I really enjoyed it. I’m lucky to have taken it early in my career.”

“This was a great workshop.”

“All the materials were excellent. I really liked the scenarios and case studies because those give you a chance to apply what you’re learning.”

“I wish my group leaders would take this course.”

“I really liked Gwen and thought she resonated well with the group. She was clear, fast paced (which is good), effectively guided our discussions, and kept us engaged.”

“Gwen in particular did an excellent job of keeping the material interesting and maintaining interest.”

“The best leadership course taken to date.”

Vivo Group Coaching and Consulting Testimonials

“Your talk was one of the best we've had and you did a great job of engaging the audience and sharing a lot of interesting and substantive content!”  

Jennifer von Briesen, President, Association for Strategic Planning (ASP), Boston Chapter

“Gwen Acton is an engaging speaker who makes you feel like she is having a personal conversation with just you, even though she has the attention of an entire audience.  She is knowledgeable about both the scientific and the business sides of the biotech industry, so she can speak effectively to both camps. Her insights can ultimately help your company and your career.” 

Julie Schwedock, PhD, VP Programs, Association of MIT Alumnae (AMITA)

"An amazing presentation at our College Chapter director's training! The women there definitely appreciated the discussion about leadership and enjoyed speaking with you." 

Connie Chow, PhD, Executive Director, Science Club for Girls

“Gwen uniquely combines her scientific background and experience with her great communication skills.  She really knows exactly how to structure and deliver quality programs.  Her exceptional attention to detail and her warm and easy personality just adds another dimension to her attributes.”  

Shelley Amster, Executive Director, New England Women in Science Executives (WISE) Club

“Gwen is one of those rare scientists who can be clear as day to non-scientists like myself, while being hilarious.” 

Betsy Raymond Stevenson, President RaymondStevenson Healthcare Communications LINK

“I went to see Gwen Acton, CEO of Vivo Group speak last night at the MIT Women in Biotech Series talk on the Intersection of Science and Business. I find the topic fascinating (and the fact that Gwen is a great and lively speaker didn’t hurt)….. I absolutely agree with her definition of the differences in culture. And I think it is a great service to help others navigate these differences.” 

Angela Bassa, Vice President, Kerdan Group LINK

Vivo Group Seminar Testimonials