The following seminars are designed as informative and interactive overviews of important topics at the intersection of science and business. They are all available in 30 to 90 minute formats, and are suitable for:

  • Professional Group and Association Seminars
  • Lunch & Learns, Brown-Bag Lunches, Breakfast Clubs, etc.
  • Women’s and other Internal Affiliation Group Events
  • Executive Briefings

1. ‘I Say ROI, You Say More Data’: The Academic/Industry Culture Clash: In order for technology companies to be successful, they must effectively integrate science and business, yet these two disciplines have fundamentally different cultural underpinnings that can cause loss of productivity if not managed properly. 

2. ‘Cat Herding’: Managing Scientists & Engineers: Many types of traditional management approaches can backfire when working with technical experts. This seminar provides insight and practical tips on how to lead and motivate scientists and engineers. 

3. Leading Without Authority: This seminar provides an overview of what motivates others to get things done, common mistakes, and practical tips on how to influence others in the organization. 

4. Strategic Networking for Introverts: Networking is far more than collecting business cards – it can help build mutual relationships, share information, and advance careers. This interactive session provides an overview on the different levels of networking, and how shy introverts can be successful by remaining strategic and focusing on business outcomes. 

5. 'One Giant Leap': Transition From Academia --> Industry: The implicit expectations and explicit rewards in academic science are often in conflict with the needs of business. This seminar provides insight and practical tips on successfully transitioning from academia to industry. 

6. Technical Geeks Can Learn Soft Business Skills: Many companies have concluded that some of their technical experts will never develop better business sense, such as communication, teamwork or leadership skills. This seminar provides insight an practical tips on what approaches can work with these difficult cases. 

7. Lessons on Innovation From the Cutting Edge of Science: In science, innovations are a normal and expected part of the process. This seminar provides lessons observed from the cutting edge of biomedical research that can be applied to business practices. 

8. Why Isn’t ‘Bigger Better’ in Pharma R&D Productivity?: In most aspects of business, there are economies of scale that result from larger organizations. This seminar analyzes why this often isn’t true in R&D, and what companies can do to improve their productivity in this area. 

9. How Do You Measure Intangibles?: A majority of modern business practices rely on the notion that “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” However, research, science and innovation efforts are by their nature challenging to measure. This seminar examines approaches companies can take to develop metrics to improve these valuable, but unpredictable, processes.

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