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NEW! Integrating Technical Expertise and Business by Gwen Acton, PhD 
This eBook addresses how science and technology companies can increase productivity through

influential leadership.

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The Bluffers Guide to Genetics by Gwen Acton, PhD 
(Oval Books; 1st edition. January 1, 2009)  
Be an instant expert in genetics and bluff your way with 'expressivity' among those who claim a strong pedigree in the subject. No research required, just a sense of humor. 
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From Academic Solos to Industrial Symphonies (Transition from Academia to Business),by Gwen Acton, Alicia Gomez-Yafal & Emily Walsh
(Nature Biotechnology, May 17, 2012)
Leaping from academia to industry can be vexing, confusing, and, to be frank, sometimes irritating.
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Technical and Business Cultures Impact R&D Productivity by Gwen Acton, PhD
(Vivo Group White Paper and Maxiom Blog Post, November 28 2011)
Cultural misunderstandings have a direct impact on R&D Productivity.
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Be Strategic When Advancing in Science, Technology by Gwen Acton, PhD
(Women's Business News, January 1, 2010)
Steps to increase your chances of rising to senior leadership positions in science and technology.
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Impeding Scientist's Productivity by Gwen Acton PhD and Tim Andrews
(Industrial Research Institute, Inc. September/October 2006)
Vivo Group survey results revealing how organizations hinder their life scientists' ability to accomplish work. 
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Acton Ready to Write Next Chapter at WEST by Amber Gay
(Mass High Tech, April 11, 2008)

Article about Vivo Group founder and CEO, Gwen Acton. 
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Tips for Your First 5 Years Out of Grad School by Gwen Acton, PhD
(Newsmagazine of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), January 2006) 
Tips for the first five years after graduate school – an exciting and challenging time in the life of most scientists.
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What To Do With Your Next Great Idea by Gwen Acton, PhD
(Vivo Group Whitepaper, January 2010)

Have a great idea for an invention, but not sure what the next steps are? Tips on how to proceed. 
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Free Articles

NEW! Seven Essential Skills for Science & Technology Leaders, by Gwen Acton, PhD
There are some key leadership and management capabilities that enable scientists and engineers to be more effective leading teams.

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Why Scientists Need Leadership and Management Skills, by Gwen Acton, PhD
(MassBio Blog Post, January 15, 2013)
There are many cases of talented groups of technical experts who fail to achieve their goals because of "soft" issues, such as not being able to communicate effectively, rather than due to technical factors. 
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