Bridging Science and Business

Vivo Group

Vivo Group provides facilitation services that ensure clients’ events and meetings achieve their desired goals, productively make use of attendees’ time and energy, remain focused on priorities, adhere to agendas and time-lines, and avoid destructive conflict between participants. Vivo Group has worked with large and small companies as well as non-profit clients to facilitate a wide range of programs, including: small research group meetings, senior executive brainstorming sessions, large networking events, and board of director strategic planning sessions. 

All Vivo Group facilitation services are customized to the organizations’ needs, goals and values to provide long-term value. Vivo Group collaborates with clients to ensure successful events, both before and during the event. Vivo Group usually takes a two-phase approach to facilitation which includes laying the groundwork in advance in collaboration with the client, and then providing a variety of facilitation approaches during the meeting. Vivo Group has special expertise in the rigorous demands of facilitation situations that include technical expert participants, such as PhD scientists, engineers and physicians, as well as those who work with them.  Vivo Group facilitation services include:

  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Team Building Exercises
  • Alliance & Collaboration Kick-Offs
  • Post-Mortems (Lessons Learned)
  • Networking Events
  • Prioritization & Risk Evaluations
  • Seminars & Workshops

Facilitation Benefits Include:

  • Move the group through difficult or controversial issues
  • Adhere to the meeting timetable in order to ensure completion of the agenda.
  • Refocus for the group if it goes off track
  • Encourage constructive debate between group members
  • Provide methods for prioritizing and decision making
  • Ask difficult questions and confront assumptions if required